Top 15 things to do in Budapest

Budapest is such a city where you can do far more than just 15 things. But here I’ll write about must-do things which are best of the best, on my opinion, of course. So, here we go!

1 Relax in thermal bath. I’ve tried Szechenyi.

2 Drink wine/beer in ruin-pubs. You can find loads of them in Jewish Quarter. I spent most time in Instant and Szimpla Kert. Find your favorite!

3 Taste Kürtőskalács! It’s orgasmic Hungarian pastry which costs around 4 Euro.

4 Spend one day in Buda and another – in Pest. These are two parts of the city divided by Danube.

5 Find a memorial “The Shoes on the Danube Bank”. Walk in Jewish quarter and visit the synagogue. The story of those Shoes touched me deeply…

6 Buy a tourist card to avoid worrying about transport, routes etc. Choose a card according to your preferences and duration of stay in the city. I found 2 types of such cards – first (includes free tourist bus with stops at tourist attractions, and river cruise) and second (you’ll get free public transport, free entrance to 12 museums and to one thermal bath)  . 🙂 Read more by following the links.

7 Take a free walking tour. You’ll get a lot of interesting information in English, walk in both parts of the city nearly for 3 hours and can give tips only in case you enjoy an excursion.

8 Make a lot of pictures of fantastic views! For instance, Budapest Parliament, bridges, Fisherman’s Bastion, etc.

9 Try Hungarian cuisine. Dishes are so rich and delicious, especially for meat lovers!

12 Take paprika and couple bottles of wine as souvenirs.

13 Enjoy the city view taking a sightseeing river cruise. Or take a tram №2 that goes along the river bank.

14 Walk-walk-walk as long as you can looking around.

15 Come to Central Market Hall. People like it. I don’t know why though.

Don’t hope to see everything, as there are too many great places in Budapest. Just relax and make a short list of really interesting things for you. I am curious to know what impressed you in Hungarian capital 🙂

P.S. It was my first try to write in English, so if you are still with me – thank you for attention! Bye 🙂